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Recruiting new people for your company?

Well with our TestFig product, the job has never been this easy!

1. Upload the aptitude questions with answers.
2. Allow access to the candidate.
3. Check the result to see if he has passed the exam or not.

No need to use a single paper during the whole process!

Taking feedback from the employees?

Upload the questionnaire.

Check out the result once all the employees submit feedback form!

Evaluating your employees?

Let the employess take test, evaluate them based on the results and dynamic graphs!

For all your needs, where employees are concerned, TestFig is an answer


Are you running MHT-CET Classes?

Well this is just perfect for you.

Upload the Questions for different subjects(Phy, Chem, Bio, Maths)

Select the students whom you want to take the exam

Check the result (with graph).
Auto ranking

Do you run a private class for any competitive exam?

It's all about MCQ's - Multiple Choice Question.

Create a test for the concerned subjects and you are game!

Are you a visionary school

The scenario is changing fast in education sector.
Schools are using computers for many different learning activities.

We have a solution for you.

With our 'Study Mode' feature, a student of any standard, can take practice tests online!
Review his tests later on to see how well he fares!

It's fun for students, and yet they learn a great deal!

Do you conduct well known certification exams?

We have a perfect 'Online Test Framework' for you so that you can conduct the certification exams!

Secured Database - Great bandwidth - 99.9% uptime
And a perfect 'Online Test Framework' - What else do you need?

Do you run a training institute for learning purposes & not for certification?

Don't worry! We have a solution for you too!

With the 'Study Mode', you can make sure that your students really understand what you are teaching them on day by day basis.

With our 'Test Mode', you get the idea where your students stand on 'knowledge' level!

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